The Cookbook

Mama Rosa’s daughter embarked on a vegan lifestyle and Rosa soon joined her, but they weren’t going to give up our Cuban heritage and its traditional dishes.

When they couldn’t find vegan versions of Cuban recipes, Rosa started to create her own — and didn’t stop! Now, she’s sharing these recipes with you. You’ll discover new flavors with this cookbook, exploring Cuban culture with a compassionate vegan twist.

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Some of these ingredients may seem foreign, but they’re all available in a supermarket, Hispanic specialty store, heath food store or online. This cookbook is your guide to fresh new flavors! We include a glossary so you can easily learn about the ingredients necessary to make these delicious, nutritious recipes. We encourage you to choose non-GMO and organic ingredients to stock your Cuban pantry, but this cookbook can be tailored to fit any taste and budget.

You’ll find every kind of plant-powered recipe in Mamá Rosa’s cookbook, from light and tropical starters to rich and filling entrées. Each recipe is handed down from Rosa’s mamá, aunts, friends and grandmother, but with a vegan twist. And the best part? Our family loves these vegan alternatives even more!


We’ve swapped meat for alternatives like jackfruit and seitan while still preserving delicious Cuban flavor. There are no processed ingredients, just plant-powered goodness. Unlock the power and flavor of a vegan diet with Mamá Rosa’s cookbook!